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Who is LD? LD is Lauren Daly

Lauren Daly is an artist, photographer and designer with a creative passion that stems from her natural and man made surroundings.

Lauren’s background in Interior Design can be seen through her art as she is drawn to architectural shapes and elements that can be seen through her use of precision lines and shapes with a focus on balance, composition and texture to create timeless pieces of art with a striking contemporary edge.

Lauren’s artworks have been described as being “contemporary, textural and tonal perfection,” and have become extremely popular amongst art collectors worldwide.

As a photographer, Lauren takes inspiration from her local surroundings and its native flora.  Intrigued by colour, texture and composition, she uses light to capture the unique design of her botanical subjects ensuring the emphasis is on the innate beauty of the object. While using long exposure photography on certain subjects, Lauren is able to create a richness, detail and depth within her works.

Lauren has always been a lover of beautiful things and the transformative effect they can have on the home. With a bachelor’s degree in interior design and having worked as an interior designer for over 15 years, Lauren’s passion for design, art and photography entwined with the idea of visual storytelling that is grounded in her deep understanding of design, composition and light.